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We are The Mudjacking Contractor with 20+ years of experience in concrete-related solutions. Our state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, and expertise have enabled us to be the leading choice of customers and contractors all across Long Island. 

We are redefining the concrete repair industry with innovative solutions that aim to solve all your concrete problems that stand the test of time. The Mudjacking Contractor continues to grow as our customers and fellow contractors continue to believe in our services as we continue offering them permanent solutions.


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Mudjacking, or slabjacking or concrete leveling, is used to repair and restore sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. This process involves injecting water, soil, cement, and other stabilizing agents, often called “slurry,” into voids beneath a settled concrete slab. Learn more

Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting, called slab lifting or concrete leveling, rectifies sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. This technique involves using specialized equipment to inject a grout or polyurethane foam mixture beneath the sunken slab. Learn more

Concrete Leveling

Concrete or slab leveling or surface flattening is a technique employed to correct uneven or sunken concrete surfaces. This process involves the application of specialized methods to restore the levelness and integrity of concrete structures. Learn more

Concrete Problems

Concrete can encounter a range of problems over time due to factors such as weathering, usage, and underlying structural issues. Cracking is a common concern, arising from shrinkage during curing, freeze-thaw cycles, or excessive load stress. Learn more


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Concrete exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as those experienced in Long Island, can develop scaling and spalling issues, affecting both aesthetics and structural integrity. Older buildings and infrastructure are more susceptible to concrete problems, with instances of corrosion and deterioration becoming more prevalent as time goes on. The deterioration of concrete structures can lead to reduced load-bearing capacity, potentially endangering the safety of occupants and users.

Your concrete needs help and this is what we are here for!


of concrete structures experience cracking to some extent due to factors like shrinkage, temperature changes, and loading stress.


of concrete surfaces exhibit unevenness or settling issues, which can lead to safety hazards and drainage problems if not addressed promptly.

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