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Welcome to Concrete Lifting 101

Here’s a basic overview of concrete lifting:

  • Assessment
  • Preparation
  • Drilling Holes
  • Injection of Lifting Material
  • Lifting and Leveling
  • Patch and Cleanup
  • Curing and Use
  • Evaluation and Quality Check

It’s important to note that the success of concrete lifting depends on factors such as the quality of the lifting material, the contractor’s skills, the concrete’s condition, and the underlying soil. While concrete lifting is generally a cost-effective and efficient solution, it might only be suitable for some situations. In some cases, more extensive repairs or replacements might be necessary. Consulting with experienced professionals in concrete repair and foundation work is crucial to determine the best approach for your specific situation.

Welcome to Concrete Lifting 101
What You Should Consider Before Concrete Lifting

What You Should Consider Before Concrete Lifting

  • The extent of Damage
  • Underlying Causes
  • Longevity
  • Professional Assessment

Concrete lifting is often a practical and effective way to address sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. It’s a perfect option for relatively minor settlement issues. However, consulting with experienced concrete repair professionals is essential to make an informed decision. They can evaluate the extent of the damage, the underlying causes, and other relevant factors to determine if concrete lifting is the best course of action for your specific situation.

What Makes Concrete Lifting So Great?

Concrete lifting, while having its advantages, may only sometimes be the ideal solution for all situations. One of its limitations is its effectiveness in cases of severe concrete damage or extensive cracking. If the concrete slab is structurally compromised or has significant deterioration, simply lifting the slab might not address the underlying problems and could lead to recurring issues.

Concrete lifting might not provide the same aesthetic results as a full concrete replacement. While the lifted slab becomes more level, it might still show signs of wear, cracks, and discoloration. If aesthetics are a primary concern, other solutions like complete replacement might be more appropriate. Furthermore, the success of concrete lifting heavily relies on the condition of the underlying soil. If the ground is unstable or prone to erosion, the lifted slab may not remain level over time, potentially necessitating further repairs in the future. It’s crucial to assess the specific needs of your project and consult with professionals to determine whether concrete lifting aligns with your desired outcomes and the condition of your concrete surface.

What Makes Concrete Lifting So Great?

Is Concrete Lifting Even Worth It?

Concrete lifting can be worth it in many situations, but whether it’s the right choice depends on various factors, such as the damage’s extent, the settlement’s underlying causes, and your specific goals. Here are some points to consider when determining if concrete lifting is worth it:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Time Efficiency
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Prevention
  • Aesthetics and Functionality
  • Environmental Impact


Sunken Driveway That Also Led To Water Damage In The Foundation

The Problem:

The client called about a sunken driveway that needed to be leveled with the rest. Once on-site, our team noticed that there were signs of water damage as well. Water leaks were reaching the basement due to the slope of the concrete slab.

The Solution:

Our solution was to use our premium mudjacking services to resolve the issue. So we:

  • Drilled holes into the slab to pump concrete through them.
  • Jacked up the slab by pumping concrete into it with our slurry grout machine.

This raised the slab to level with the rest of the surface and alleviated all water-associated issues. Our slurry solution works by filling any void underneath with concrete so it will not sag back down in the future.

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