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How to Texture Concrete - Different types of concrete slabs with two different types of textures. One is smooth the other is rough.

Concrete Canvas: How to Texture Concrete

Concrete – the ubiquitous building material of the urban jungle. While often seen as plain and industrial, concrete offers a surprising amount of creative potential, especially when it comes to texture. For New York homeowners seeking to add a touch of personality to their walls and patios, textured concrete

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Settled Concrete- The picture shows a close-up aerial view of a part of settled concrete.

Common FAQs About Settled Concrete

Settled concrete – it’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare in a city like New York, where a stable foundation is paramount. Those unsightly cracks and uneven floors can be more than just cosmetic issues; they can signal underlying problems and pose safety hazards. But fear not, New Yorkers! This FAQ

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How to level a concrete floor that slopes: A large open area shows a concrete floor and greenery on the far front.

How to Level a Concrete Floor That Slopes:

Let’s face it, folks – a wonky concrete floor can be a real eyesore (and a tripping hazard!). Whether it’s your basement floor that’s developed a mind of its own, or your patio’s decided to play a perpetual game of “slide,” uneven concrete can be a real pain. But

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Problems with concrete countertops - picture shows a concrete countertop in a modern kitchen

Going for Concrete Countertops? Problems To Consider

Concrete countertops have become a coveted design element, captivating homeowners with their unique industrial aesthetic and durability. However, before you get swept away by the charm of a concrete masterpiece, it’s crucial to understand the potential downsides. This article will explore problems with concrete countertops, helping you make an

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