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All concrete can indeed crack, especially when bringing sinking slabs back into position. A stress fracture will form on the bottom of the concrete when it sinks, but it may not be noticeable. The pressure will then release when the slab is elevated, revealing a crack on top. These fissures are not a result of the mud jacking; they are made more noticeable. If the proper procedure is not followed, mud jacking can sometimes cause the concrete to break. For this reason, several holes are bored in critical locations, and you must make sure you choose the best mud-jacking contractor.

Instead of taking days, this mudjacking process often just takes a few hours. Instead of taking 1-2 weeks, vehicle traffic can move on it in 4-6 hours. It costs around one-third less than the replacement. No grass or landscaping is affected. Instead of waiting a few days to walk on replacement concrete, you may walk on the concrete right away. This is crucial for commercial establishments, such as shops, hospitals, apartment buildings, or other locations where people frequently stroll.

No, not 100%. Because fresh concrete is lighter in color, holes will blend in easier. Because repaired holes are more delicate than the original concrete, older concrete may not match as well. But as it ages, the concrete will become darker and begin to mix in more.  Despite our best efforts, no color and/or matching promises can be provided.

Sprinkler heads are impervious to harm. If dry, yards sustain no harm at all. Ruts from the hydraulic pump may form if sprinklers are left on if the ground is soft.  Weak sprinkler lines that are run underneath or directly in the concrete may rupture due to movement.  There are often no negative consequences on your sprinkler system because correctly placed lines are never in either location.

You can mud jack any concrete. Examples include streets, sidewalks, grain bins, boat ramps, parking lots, interior floors, loading docks, runways, highways, schools, generator pads, warehouse floors, and more. Other examples include roads, steps, patios, pools, basement floors, garage floors, walkways, and more. It’s advisable to receive an estimate to determine if concrete can be mud jacked in certain situations. Additionally, replacing severely damaged concrete rather than mud jack it is typically preferable.

Depends on the situation at hand.  Our pumper units can fit past most gates, and our vehicles remain on the road.  If the project calls for it, we may pump through the slick line to access interior spaces or other challenging locations that our pumpers cannot access.

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